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    Journal of Animal and Natural Resource Law

    Journal of Animal and Natural Resource Law

    2005, Vol.1

    2006, Vol.2

    2007, Vol.3

    2008, Vol.4

    2009, Vol.5

    2010, Vol.6

    2011, Vol.7

    2012, Vol.8

    2013, Vol.9



    Journal of Animal and Natural Resources Law, 2005, Vol.1




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    David Favre

    The Gathering Momentum

     pp. 1-6

    Sonia Waisman

    Non-Economic Damages: Where Does It Get Us and How Do We Get There

     pp. 7-21

    Anuj Shah, Alyce Miller

    Invented Cages: The Plight of Wild Animals in Captivity

     pp. 23-60

    Fernando Arajuo

    Recent Development of Portuguese Law in the Field of Animal Rights

     pp. 61-89

    Andrew N. Ireland Moore

    Defining Animals as Crime Victims

     pp. 91-108

    Julie Santagelo

    Evading Extinction: A 21st Century Survey of Legal Challenges to Wild Siberian Tiger Conservation

     pp. 109-127

    Michelle Hodkin

    When Ritual Slaughter Isn't Kosher: An Examination of Shechita and the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act

     pp. 129-150


    Journal of Animal and Natural Resources Law, 2006, Vol.2




    Page to Page

    Taimie L. Bryant

    Mythic Non-Violence

     pp. 1-12

    Henry Cohen

    The Animal Welfare Act

     pp. 13-25

    Claudia E. Haupt

    Who Let the Dangerous Dogs Out? The German States' Hasty Legislative Action, the Federal Law on Dangerous Dogs and the Kampfhunde Decision of the Federal Constitutional Court

     pp. 27-48

    Jeff Perz

    Anti-Speciesism: The Appropriation and Misrepresentation of Animal Rights in Joan Dunayer's Speciesism (Abridged)

     pp. 49-66

    Katrina Sharman

    Opening the Laboratory Door: National and International Legal Responsibilities for the Use of Animals in Scientific Research--An Australian Perspective

     pp. 67-85

    Andrew Linzey

    An Ethical Critique of the Canadian Seal Hunt and an Examination of the Case for Import Controls on Seal Products

     pp. 87-119

    Shannon L. Doheny

    Free Exercise Does Not Protect Animal Sacrifice: The Misconception of Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah and Constitutional Solutions for Stopping Animal Sacrifice

     pp. 121-142

    Jennifer Logan Tilden

    Behind a Glass, Darkly

     pp. 143-158

    Camden J. McDaris

    Legal Protection Only for Those Who Are Most like Us? What Animal Activists Can Learn from the Early Women's Movement about Society's Resistance to Acknowledging Rights

     pp. 159-178

    Adam Cefai

    2005-2006 Case Law Review

     pp. 179-182

    Carlos de Paula

    2005-2006 Featured Animal Law Case

     pp. 183-185


    Journal of Animal and Natural Resources Law, 2007, Vol.3




    Page to Page

    Jay Sursukowski

    The Hunt for Mercy

     pp. 1-16

    Joan Dunayer

    Advancing Animal Rights: A Response to Jeff Perz's Anti-Speciesism, Critique of Gray Francione's Work and Discussion of My Book Speciesism

     pp. 17-44

    Marcella S. Roukas

    Determining the Value of Companion Animals in Wrongful Harm or Death Claims: A Survey of U.S. Decisions and Legislative Proposal in Florida to Authorize Recovery for Loss of Companionship

     pp. 45-58

    Erin Sheley

    Live Animals: Towards Protection for Pets and Livestock in Contracts for Carriage

     pp. 59-78

    Dara Lovitz

    Animal Lovers and Tree Huggers are the New Cold-Blooded Criminals: Examining the Flaws of Ecoterrorism Bills

     pp. 79-98

    Cynthia A. McNeely, Sarah A. Linquist

    Dangerous Dog Laws: Failing to Give Man's Best Friend a Fair Shake at Justice

     pp. 99-158

    Eden Gray

    Changing the Tax System to Effect Humane Treatment of Farm Animals

     pp. 159-172

    Brooke J. Bearup

    Pets: Property and the Pardigm of Protection

     pp. 173-191

    Kathryn Leonard

    2006-2007 Case Law Review

     pp. 193-198


    Journal of Animal and Natural Resources Law, 2008, Vol.4




    Page to Page

    Tara J. Gilbreath

    Where's Fido: Pets are missing in Domestic Violence Shelters and Stalking Laws

     pp. 1-18

    De Anna Hill

    Combating Animal Cruelty with Environmental Law Tactics

     pp. 19-39

    Diane Sullivan,Holly Vietzke

    An Animal is Not an iPod

     pp. 41-58

    Annamaria Passantino

    Companion Animals: An Examination of Their Legal Classification in Italy and the Impact on Their Welfare

     pp. 59-91

    Shadrack Arhin

    Complementing Legislation: The Role of Cultural Practices in the Conservation of Wildfire - Examples from Ghana

     pp. 93-98

    Live Kleveland

    To Save Lab Animals the Legal Way: The Right to Appeal on Permits to Perform Animal Experiments

     pp. 99-103

    Peter Sankoff

    Charting the Growth of Animal Law in Education

     pp. 105-148

    Jennifer L. Mariucci

    The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act: Deficiencies and Proposed Amendments

     pp. 149-181


    2007-2008 Case Law Review

     pp. 183-199


    Journal of Animal and Natural Resources Law, 2009, Vol.5




    Page to Page

    Bernard E. Rollin

    Animal Ethics and Breed-Specific Legislation

     pp. 1-14

    Angela P. Harris

    Should People of Color Support Animal Rights

     pp. 15-32

    Tucker Culbertson

    Animal Equality, Human Dominion and Fundamental Interdependence

     pp. 33-48

    Olivia Khoo

    A New Call to Arms or a New Coat of Arms? The Animal Rights and Environmentalism Debate in Australia

     pp. 49-70

    Heron Jose De Santana Gordilho

    Wildlife and the Brazilian Abolitionist Movement

     pp. 71-89

    Eleanor Evertsen, Wim De Kok

    Legal Protection of Animals: The Basics

     pp. 91-102

    Juli Danielle Gilliam

    Fido Goes to the Lab: Amending the Animal Welfare Act to Require Animal Rescue Facilities to Disclose Pound Seizure Practices to Pet Owners

     pp. 103-128

    Rachit Anand

    That's OK, It's Only a Rental: The Business of Renting Dogs

     pp. 129-152

    Anna Baumgras

    Case Law Summaries

     pp. 153-158


    Journal of Animal and Natural Resources Law, 2010, Vol.6




    Page to Page

    John Ensminger, Frances Breitkoff

    Evolving Functions of Service and Therapy Animals and the Implications for Public Accommodation Access Rule

     pp. 1-50

    Lisa Kane

    A Case Study of African Elephants' Journey from Swaziland to US Zones in 2003: A Question of Commerce and a Tale of Brinkmanship

     pp. 51-80

    Tagore Trajano de Almeida Silva

    Brazilian Animal Law Overview: Balancing Human and Non-Human Interests

     pp. 81-104

    Pablo Lerner

    With Whom Will the Dog Remain? On the Meaning of the Good of the Animal in Israeli Family Custodial Disputes

     pp. 105-130

    Daniel Albahary

    Fine Line between Animal Advocacy and Enterprise Terrorism

     pp. 131-150

    Tabby McLain

    Adapting the Child's Best Interest Model to Custody Determination of Companion Animals

     pp. 151-168

    John F. Hilkin

    Case Law Review

     pp. 169-177


    Journal of Animal and Natural Resources Law, 2011, Vol.7




    Page to Page

    Margot Michel, Eveline Schneider Kayasseh

    The Legal Situation of Animals in Switzerland: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - Many Steps to Go

     pp. 1-41

    Vania Gauthreaux

    Far from Fauvists: The Availability of Copyright Protection for Animal Art and Concomitant Issues of Ownership

     pp. 43-90

    Graeme McEwen

    Strategic Litigation and Law Reform

     pp. 91-104

    Andrew Linzey

    The French Contribution to Animal Ethics: Rene Descartes and Victor Hugo

     pp. 105-118

    Randall Schapiro

    Shmuz about Schamalz- A Case Study: Jewish Law and Foie Gras

     pp. 119-146


    2010-2011 Case Law Review

     pp. 147-154


    Journal of Animal and Natural Resources Law, 2012, Vol.8




    Page to Page

    Barbara J. Gislason, Mercedes Meyer

    Humans and Great Apes: A Search for Truth and Ethical Principles

     pp. 1-26

    David E. Solan

    Et tu Lisa Jackson? An Economic Case for Why the EPA's Sweeping Environmental Regulatory Agenda Hurts Animal Welfare on Factory Farms

     pp. 27-64

    A.Z. Zivotofsky, J.M. Regenstein, D. Zivotofsky

    The Development of Religious Animal Welfare Code and its Relevance for Contemporary Civil Laws

     pp. 65-90

    Regina Binder

    A Large Step - But Still a Long Way to Go Austrian Animal Welfare Legislation: An Overview

     pp. 91-120

    Thomas G. Kelch

    The WTO Tuna Labeling Decision and Animal Law

     pp. 121-138

    Nicholas Assenmacher

    Management of the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fishery: An International Law Disaster

     pp. 139-170

    Yossi Wolfson

    Reporting from the Field: The Israel Adoption of Transportation Regulations for Poultry

     pp. 171-178

    Graham Boswell

    Case Law Review

     pp. 179-187


    Journal of Animal and Natural Resources Law, 2013, Vol.9




    Page to Page

    Ann M. Griffin

    Whoa Means Whoa - The Reinstitution of Horse Slaughter in the U.S. Is Not Necessary to Ensure Equine Welfare

     pp. 1-44

    Kathryn M. Campbell

    The Paradox of Animal Hoarding and the Limits of Canadian Criminal Law

     pp. 45-62

    Lee J. McConnell

    Property Status and the Limited Impact of Welfare Legislation for Farm Animals

     pp. 63-82

    Jordan Carr Peterson

    Of Non-Human Bondage: Great Apes, Blind Eyes, and Disorderly Company

     pp. 83-114

    Elizabeth A. Waiess

    Psychological Aspects of Cruelty to Animals: A Clinician's Perspective

     pp. 115-124

    Maria A. Iliopoulou, Rene P. Rosenbaum

    Understanding Blood Sports

     pp. 125-140

    Caitlin Bratt

    International Cooperation concerning the Extinction of Tigers

     pp. 141-168

    Amanda Wright

    Improving the Welfare of Egg-Laying Hens through Acknowledgement of Freedoms

     pp. 169-194

    Kjirsten Sneed

    Case Law Review

     pp. 195-202


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